Building Our Trust

We welcome discussions with potential member schools and academies. We have built capacity in a number of central service areas and we are keen to enhance this capacity further. New members have the opportunity to bring the expertise and skills of their team into the Trust and so create professional Career Development Pathways for staff. 

We value and celebrate the unique identity of individual schools and academies and seek to build on this successfully. We are driven to ensure that every student served by our Trust ‘Achieves Excellence’.

The excellent impact on 2016 student outcomes at our 2 academies is a testament to our ‘Achieving Excellence’ mission and to the drive, support and challenge provided by the Trust. 

  A* to C English/Maths (or equivalent) 2015          2016          2017
  Dinnington High School 47% 52% 54%
  Brinsworth Academy 40% 58% 64%

In addition, Brinsworth Academy 6th form achieved record-breaking results in 2016, placing it in the top 15% of all post–16 providers in England.

Dinnington High School is also proud to announce record-breaking ‘A’ Level results in 2017.